Here Are Some Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Activewear For Your Plus Size

Activewear is always a tricky mix of style and function. It doesn’t matter if your bra looks great, it won’t do the job of holding your bouncy bits in line. These principles are similar to those for shapewear. Because back, pelvic, and shoulder pain can all be related to how our weight is supported, everyone needs to be more aware of support when they are active. How do you make the right choice?

What’s the point?

First, ask yourself: What’s my activewear used for? You can use your activewear for running, yoga or cycling. You could also do any number of other activities. Your sport or activity will determine the type of clothing you need. It all depends on how long you will be wearing it, how many layers, and how bouncy your body is.

Low Impact

Layers are key to dressing for low-impact activities such as walking, cycling, and yoga. Even though these activities are less impactful, they will keep you activewear longer. For longer wear, you will want to have looser fitting outer layers. You don’t need to add any underwires to your sports bra. Comfort is the key, so choose wide and flexible straps. High-waisted capri pants and leggings will keep your waistband in place during long periods of physical activity.

Mixed Impact

You’re probably a regular at the gym or a recreational sports enthusiast who likes to mix up your workouts. You’ll find moments of high-impact, but not high-impact activity in a game of tennis or on the gym’s equipment. You’ll avoid injuries by dressing for maximum impact.

High Impact

Activewear with a higher impact is best for runners and those who do other activities such as tennis, football, or netball. This does not mean that your bra should have more support, although it is important! For additional support, look for wider and more cushioned shoulder straps. This can be achieved by adding silicon underwiring to your bra or layering a supportive sports vest on top of your sports bra. To give you maximum support, leggings should have a paneled design and a wide elasticated waistband. As a base layer, you can also choose supportive long-leg shorts.

Key Features

As a rule of thumb, what should you look out for when shopping for plus size bras Australia? Everything should be breathable, and also wicking. Comfortable fabrics made from breathable and wicking materials will be far more comfortable than cotton. You’ll be much more comfortable in activewear that is made from cotton fabrics, thanks to the fact that most activewear brands do decent research.


Cropped tops and sports bras work best when the shoulder straps are wide. Padded straps, which support the shoulder and provide additional support, are even better. To ensure that activewear is always in place, you can choose to wear a longer top or a fitted bodysuit as an overlayer.


No matter what style you choose, whether it’s leggings, shorts, capri pants, or loose-fit yoga pants. Always look for a high waist. This ensures your bottoms stay firmly in place and don’t move. A wide waistband provides support for your core and will keep it secure while providing comfort.


This is where support begins. The more supportive you are, the better. To avoid thigh chafing, wear long shorts and wide-waisted briefs.

Cold Weather

Outdoor activewear users should be prepared for any weather changes. You can keep your base layers the same but add looser, breathable layers to your long-layered clothing.