Reasons to Get ISO 9001 Certification

This article will examine the many benefits of ISO 9001. Interviews with business leaders, published case studies by ISO, decades of experience, and decades of real-world examples will show how ISO 9001, the world’s most well-respected quality management standard, impacts customer satisfaction, employee productivity, sales revenue, company reputation, and quality.

We will discuss the marketing and internal benefits of ISO 9001 and how adoption can increase profitability. We’ll show you the many reasons ISO 9001 is right for your company.


Increased sales and market share

According to the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 certification can indeed improve financial performance. This is achieved primarily through increased sales. It is not surprising, considering the above-mentioned internal benefits. But there’s more. Certification by ISO 9001 is the most widely recognized mark for quality in the world, giving certified companies a distinct advantage over their competition. Certified companies should not miss the opportunity to inform potential customers about their ISO 9001 certification.


Completing a Sales Prerequisite

According to the ISO 9001 Standard, certified organizations must-have criteria for selecting suppliers. Although organizations can set their own criteria, larger companies are increasingly requiring ISO 9001 certification. It is also worth noting that government agencies are replacing their quality standards with ISO 9001 certification.


Easy Access to International Markets

It is difficult to penetrate new markets, especially if your brand or company is not well-known outside of its home country. Uncertainty about your products or services and doubts about your ability to deliver according to schedules are some of the barriers to entry. These and other barriers can be overcome by ISO 9001 registration. It acts as a badge that demonstrates the quality that is respected worldwide. It shows potential customers that you are trustworthy and your products and services are top-quality. The ISO certificate also dispels internal concerns such as efficiency, waste, and ethical employment practices.


It is a badge to be proud of. It will improve your company’s image. Already, we discussed the increase in sales. Your reputation can attract highly-skilled employees and increase your potential for acquisition or partnerships. Your organization can benefit in many ways from ISO certification and the associated cachet.


Increased profits

Although the benefits of ISO certification are numerous, it is often only the bottom line for investors and owners that matters. It is therefore worth asking if ISO 9001 certification, with all its benefits, really leads to higher profits. Or in other words, do the marketing and internal benefits outweigh the costs of maintaining and implementing the quality management system.

It is easy to identify the cost side of the equation. The primary contributors are consulting, Do-It-Yourself tools and training as well as the registrar and time spent by staff. It is more difficult to put a value on the benefits. Then there’s the time factor. What is the benefit of reaping the benefits in 2 months instead of 1 year?

These two rules apply regardless of the company’s unique circumstances.

An efficient ISO system that is simplified with cost-effective processes will not only reduce maintenance costs but can also increase the benefits.

Focusing on the benefits of ISO implementation will lead to the best results.

ISO 10014 may also be useful for obtaining guidelines about how to maximize the economic and financial benefits of ISO 9001.



The most widely used quality management system in the world is ISO 9001. Recent data shows that more than one million companies worldwide have been certified. They come in all sizes and are from a wide range of industries. These certifications have many benefits that can impact both the culture of the company and the bottom line.

Every organization does not reap the same benefits from ISO 9001 certification. Implementation methods play a major role in determining the success of ISO 9001 certification. You can read our article about the ISO 9001 certification process to learn more.