Average Life Span of Flooring in Your Home.

There are a variety of reasons that it can get hard to choose a type of flooring. It can be hard to get the flooring that fits perfectly in your home while considering the best value floor option. Certain floors will age or last longer than others due to the material’s natural state. Whether you help to choose the flooring or need to know about flooring removal you can get in touch with professionals.

With all flooring types, proper installation and maintaining the floor are key to getting a longer life for your floor. There are guidelines about certain materials that have got different quality standards. It is natural for a floor to wear out after a long time of use and if the flooring removal is not done for a very long period. Considering all this the best advice of to consult with a local flooring company for advice.

Factors that determine how long your flooring will last after renovation

Other than obvious damages and stains, the floor’s expiry is based on the material it is made up of. Every material has its own durability. The material the floor is made up of is just one indicator of how long your floor will last. The other factors are –

  • Quality of the material used
  • If the flooring was installed properly
  • The experience your floor has with the amount of traffic
  • If it is regularly maintained

It can’t be exactly predicted how long the material will last. On the other hand, there is a range in the lifespan of each kind of flooring. If you maintain the floor properly and reduce the amount of damage it is exposed to your floor may last longer than it normally does.

Types of flooring material and their lifespan


Hardwood flooring lasts for the longest time, but the glossy shine the original woods have in them will fade away with the passing time. Hardwood floors can last for 100 years, if it is installed properly. Experiencing higher humidity and moisture can result in quick damage to floor materials. Hardware floors may need to have a flooring removal done and need to be replaced due to improper installation.


This is another cost-effective flooring option. Vinyl floors will last in any place for more than 10 to 20 years. It is extremely durable and adaptable for your home. An added bonus is that in places with humid weather, vinyl flooring does not warp due to moisture.


Laminated floors are in the higher price category but mimic the hardwood floors. It can last anywhere for at least 15 to 25 years based on how you maintain it. These floors are budget-friendly, but will need flooring removal more often than hardwood floors.


Tile flooring can last more than 50 years if cared for properly. Tiles can be very hard to maintain as broken tiles will need to be replaced. A single chip on the tiles can spoil the entire look. Getting 10 percent more tiles than the amount required for installation can be used later on in any case of damage and chipping of tiles.


Carpet with its soft cushion surface and the price range is the most attractive floor option. A carpet will last up to 5 years to 25 years based on its quality.

Visit a carpet store to get your floors fixed with all the amazing options available and assuring what will suit you the most. Create your dream home and maintain it well.


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