URL Shortener is a Great Tool for Website Marketing 

Beneficial Reasons To Use URL Shortener Tool 

URL or Uniform Resource Locator is also called a web address or a link. It specifies the webpage’s location on the internet. For SEO, URLs are vital for search engine ranking and attracting traffic. Well-written and optimized URLs serve as anchor texts when integrated into blogs, forums, social media channels, or other online platforms. 

If you include a long and complex link for shareable content, you may forfeit engagement, shares, and clicks. For attaining better content marketing outcomes, use the URL shortener tool. The full-length site link is compressed into a short URL. 

For years, link shorteners have been used but have gained popularity when Twitter limited the tweets to 140 characters. The latest changes in Twitter’s link policy and character count allow the user to tweet up to not more than 280 characters. The characters allowed in the link are 23 characters. URL compression practice is suitable for content distribution across blogs and social channels. 

URL Shortener benefits

Content distribution on publishing websites and social media helps to attract traffic. Use link shorteners before distributing the content on blogs or social channels. Some beneficial reasons to use link shorteners are given below.


Sharing a short link is simple, especially when your target audience is disabled to click on your link. Things can get complicated if you share a link directly with a potential client or are giving a PP presentation. URL shortener helps to create a concise and memorable link, which can be directly typed on a web browser or smartphone.

Easy tracking

Monitoring clicks on every link shared is crucial for businesses. Link success allows the business owners to understand customer behavior like which link is clicked and the ones that are ignored. It permits tweaking the marketing plan accordingly. 

Website Analytics help to find behavioral patterns and identify potential clients’ requirements. Based on the tool used to compress URLs, you can see visitors’ breakdown categorically like gender or country. You even gain an insight into which posts or social channel drives the most clicks.

Promotes sharing

A short URL is easy for visitors to click on, copy and share. So, shorter links promote overall sharing. Every website owner hopes their engaging posts to receive plenty of shares. So, why make sharing process tough with long and complicated web addresses. 


Today, people are used to seeing shortened links on shared content. The practice is common, so if you share an uncompressed URL they will most probably notice. Long URLs look chaotic or sloppy to readers used to seeing clean, short links. Readers may consider your business to be unprofessional.

Strengthens engagement

Audiences most probably engage with shortened and recognizable URLs quickly. Short URLs can enhance audience engagement by 39%.

High CTR

People expect shortened links embedded on social media posts. If you make a small change in your content posting strategy or add shortened links then Click-through rates [CTR] will increase. 

Small businesses lack marketing experts but the owners can keep track of their link performance on different digital platforms. Get shortened links branded exclusively for your brand instead of having a random array of numbers and letters. Monitor website site traffic to identify how visitors landed on your webpage. 


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