Timber Flooring and How You Can Clean and Take Care of It

Since timber floors are now becoming quite popular among homeowners, so it is also important for people to know how they must clean and also maintain them. Besides, timber species may differ in their hardness as well as colour. Also, the coatings and floor finishes may vary, which means your methods of cleaning and maintenance may be different.

Therefore, often homeowners may remain confused when they compare their timber floor with any of their neighbour’s. However, one thing is for sure, timber floors can benefit greatly by taking regular care, which can keep the finish looking really great. Also, it can extend life of the timber floors for long years to come. 

Let us discuss in this article timber flooring installation and how we should maintain them to get the best service from timber flooring. Before we start you may visit Flooring Domain which is a well-known company in Australia, where you can find flooring or carpet companies as well as hire flooring installers. You also can use the Bleen.com.au website to find a local flooring or carpet company that can deliver you the best quality timber flooring material.

Maintenance after installation

Although you can use pre-finished timber floors immediately, but while bringing your furniture you must take little more care. If floor coating was given on-site, then you must wait for 48 hours, so that it hardens before using it.

Prefer to have protective pads under your furniture so that it can be easily moved on the floor. If you are interested to install any appliance then it must be moved across sheet of MDF, while keeping them in their right position.

Normal cleaning

For whatever kind of timber floor that you may have, their basic cleaning method will remain more or less the same. You have to control the dust/debris by using soft broom or also with vacuum cleaner.

After removing abrasive materials, you may spot-clean your floor by using a damp cloth with a mild cleaner.

You may also give the timber flooring a damp mopping at least once in a week. If your floor has gloss-finished then it must be towel-dried afterwards for avoiding water marks.

Use right cleaning products

Using proper cleaning products, you can remove the stubborn stains. Therefore, you need to buy certain floor cleaner and before using them you must make a small trial in certain area to check its effectiveness. 

Avoid using any harsh detergents, bleaches, abrasive cleaners, kerosene, turpentine or even abrasive cloths. 

Take professional help

If you find that your maintenance is not good enough then you may seek help from professionals to clean your timber flooring.


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